Europe has always been a centre of innovation, but is now in danger of being surpassed in terms of technology, economic might and political influence.

Although the car is a European invention, this archconservative industry is being overtaken by the American owned Tesla, and its Chinese counterparts are not far behind. All the big tech firms (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Huawei, Tencent etc.) are all based in the US or China. Most of the apps and software you use, are made by US companies, and if you are looking for new technology (drones, robotic vacuum cleaners and smart devices), you will often end up buying under-priced products from Chinese companies.

But you can, and should, choose European.

This site was created to help find European alternatives to American and Chinese products. We should spend our money deliberately and help boost European companies to develop and expand, which also will make Europe an attractive place for investors and high skilled workers.

The world needs a confident Europe which can lead the way in terms of democratic values, environmental protection and human rights. But our influence and stability are predicated on a strong economy with companies that can out-compete their rivals. If we spend consciously, we can make Europe world-leading again, to the benefit of all.

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